10 July 2009

Cafe Chat July 9th

Kim said: This week I am changing up the tone just a bit, but you will still be blessed in a big way. I want to talk about miracles that have happened in your personal life. Remember miracles come in all shapes and sizes; don’t get caught into thinking of one way only. In as much detail as you would like to share, please tell me a “miracle” that has happened in your own life. Let us share the wonderful works of our Lord together this week!

For 30 years my tobacco habit grew, until even as a fitness professional I was smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day. I could not even conceive of a way to quit, it seemed the task was overwhelming, too large to imagine.

On Thanksgiving Day (the American holiday, I wasn’t yet in Canada), about one month after I had come to know Jesus and been born-again, I knew I was no longer alone, and need not rely only on my own power. With a box of nicotine patches in hand, I sat down and spoke to God. I admitted to Him that there was not any possible way for me to quit by myself, even with the patches. I needed His help, and would leave it all in His hands.

That evening, I counted down the cigarettes left in the pack, until I found myself smoking the last one. I would not use a patch until the next morning, for I knew I had no cigarettes at home, and all stores where I could buy them were closed for the holiday. I spent time reading all the information about using the patches, and the list of symptoms and problems I would have. Then I prayed again. I gave Him my addiction.

I could not believe how remarkably easy it was to never light another smoke! I know the patch took care of some of the physical cravings, but according to the literature, I should still have difficulties. It was very clear to me that God has been faithful to me, and it was His work that kept me from wavering.

My God had delivered me, and I could not keep silent. In a great move of boldness, I began to tell people who had never known of my habit, (clients and students that I hid my addiction from, realizing the contradiction in lifestyle) that I was quitting. It was a great opportunity to witness to the wonders of our Lord. Anytime someone would ask how I did it, I would smile, and give them a joyful answer.

"It was easy. All it took was a patch and a prayer."

On my first anniversary of quitting I wrote the following little poem:

Today I need to celebrate
For what a year it's been
I know that I am truly free
The glory goes to Him

"But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people to be his very own and to proclaim the wonderful deeds of the one who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light." 1 Peter 2:9

I will indeed shout praises to the One Who called me out of darkness. I will continue to tell of His wonderous deeds. I will worship Him not only for what He has done, but simply for Who He Is!

What miracles has the Lord done in your life, big or small? Come share at Cafe Chat.

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