03 December 2008

Holiday Expo

It's an exciting time at the Internet Cafe holiday expo gift giveaway this week!

I have chosen to give away a worship CD titled "Hear My Cry" written and recorded by Todd and Melanie Toews. Todd and Melanie are gifted prophetic minstrels and their music will lead you straight into the heart of God.

Here's the rules:

Leave me a comment telling us about your favourite worship music. Make sure to leave a name and email address or link and check back after December 12th at the Internet Cafe to see if you are the lucky winner.

Winner must reside in North America and will be picked at random.

Only one entry per person please.

Why not join the rest of the fun at the Internet Cafe this holiday season?


Peggy said...

Blessings His FireFly...What a beautiful CD! I love any worship music but a Prophetic one always draws you into the Throne Room of God!

Here in Mexico...I listen to much worship music in Spanish but back home in Minnesota, long before I came here I loved Sandi Patti & Twila Paris. My traveling van has only for cassettes (archaic now)so I brought many of those with me.

Recently I have been listening to
PRAISE 20 from Maranatha "Who is ike the Lord?". They & Integrity Music have always had beautiful worship music. My favorite on this CS is "I WAIT FOR YOU" and I do wait each morning for Him to come & fill me with His Presence so that is what I carry out into the world.
Not me. I empty myself & ask for His Spirit to fill me up. The truth is I probably love ALL 20 songs! But Beth is blessing me with new worship songs & I have been so blessed as to win 2 CD give aways and miraculously they made it here.
One from Amy from Natalie Grant &
one from Tracy from Point of Grace.
So these are more what I call listening music...worship music has an inviting tempo of entering before the Almighty God! I love worship music! And feel very blessed! I may not qualify because of where I am but I do have a USA residence & also Beth will be happy to accept on my behalf. May you receive as many blessings as you are giving! This is the meaning of CHRISTmas=more of Christ...who is a GIVER! (Mas in Spanish means more)!
Enjoy your holidays!

Marie Stork said...

My favorite worship music is Selah! I love them!

lori said...

Hey there! THanks for joining us today! My favorite music hands down, Third Day...I'm determined to meet them someday...they live right around the corner...:) They just FILL me with the Spirit...the other song that cuts to my soul is "ORder My Steps..."

Great offering!!

Amydeanne said...

sounds like a great CD! and reading your about post, we're neighbors! i'm in Sask!!

God Bless!

LauraLee Shaw said...

Wow, Awesome!!!

Well, my favorite worship song of all time is Agnus Dei. My husband nor I can hear or sing that song without tears or goosebumps. Positively anointed.

I also love "How Great Is Our God" and "Blessed Be The Name of the Lord." Always love songs that are all about lifting God up...way up!

Traci said...

Oh I love new music and this is new to me! What a great idea.

My favorite worship song as of late is by Mandisa, "God Speaking"....I feel that Gos speaks to us in so many ways...but He really speaks to me through music!!

Cherie J said...

My favorite worship song is "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee". So uplifting! I also love music by Twila Paris and Maranatha has some great songs. Peggy has good taste. Thanks for the contest!


Deane said...

Right, now my household is totally crazy over the new Goldfish CDs. My kids love these, so that is what we listen to.

Patty Wysong said...

Music to bring us into the Throne Room--there's none better! (and I loooove Classical music, but worship music beats even classical. LoL) Two of my favorites are 'How Great is our God' and 'My Chains Are Gone'. (Would those classify as praise? If so then, John Michael Talbot. *grin*)

Jenny said...

Lately I'm loving Mandisa (especially God Speaking) & Nicole C. Mullen. Michael W. Smith is an all-time favorite...especially Agnus Dei. At church we'll sing a song where the men lead and the women echo... I can't think of it right now (Whitney Houston is singing in the background.) but I feel so close to God when we sing that song.

Joanne Sher said...

Love "Amazing Grace: My Chains Are Gone." Does that count! Sounds like a wonderful CD

paintergal said...

My current favorite is Mandisa's "True Beauty".

Sheila said...

Hi there His FireFly. I always find myself in the presence of God and hearing more of Him when listening and singing to almost anything from David Crowder. Of course there are many others that usher me to His throne too.

Merry Christmas to you!

Tiffany said...

Would love the chance to win this, thanks!
Happy Holidays

sailorcross said...

Oh~~you know how i love music--God speaking to me through music. I almost rear ended someone the other day because I forgot and closed my eyes in prayer while listening to a song!! Not a good combination!!

I can't say I have a very worship song or artist--I love so many!! Right now I'm listening to MercyMe--Spoken For. And also, Adonai--love that one!!

My list could fill all the available space left on your computer!! So, I'll stop with those two.

Wonderful giveaway!!


Amber said...

I listen to all sorts of worship music, lately I have really been enjoying hillsong.

erin said...

i like a variety of worship cd's. one of my fav's is michael w. smith worship

Sallye said...

My favorite worship music is my Father in Law who is fighting various health issues, but every morning when he finally makes his way out of the bedroom it is with a song on his lips. Love to hear that voice praise God as he is making his way to the kitchen.


swking @ wcc dot net

Jen said...

My favorite worship music is the oldtime forgotten hymns.

Toknowhim said...

Thanks for the chance to win.. I love Travis Cottrell and his praise team... They all love God with a passion...

Super B's Mom said...

There's so much music to choose from now, but my favorite is still Casting Crowns.

Thanks for the giveaway! :)


Wife of Rob said...

I would have to say that my favorite worship music is that of my own worship choir at my church, First Baptist North Mobile. We produced a worhip CD several years ago through Integrity Music that is very near to my heart. Our CD was simply titled, "Believe". Some of the most powerful songs that I have ever had the privilege to sing are on that CD. God truly annointed that recording!

Anonymous said...

I love worshipful music - Selah is one of my top favorites. :)

I am having a giveaway too! I just got a late start on this! :)


Denise said...

I love to listen to Casting Crowns.

Unknown said...

How Great is Our God is one of my favorites.

Unknown said...

I would love to win this CD! My favorite worship music is contemporary - Travis Cottrell, Gateway Worship, Hillsong, and New Life Worship are a few of my favorites... They just take me into the throne room, I always feel so close to the heart of God when I worship.

Blessings. (You can link back or email me through my profile...)