02 December 2008

A Nation Shakes

Nine years ago God called me to Canada, not only to be united in marriage with my beloved Rick, but also to stand on guard as a watchman for this nation.

These last days the news headlines seem ridiculous and disturbing.

Liberals, NDP, Bloc sign deal on proposed coalition

I emailed the following letter to various National and local newspapers yesterday:

"The thought of another election so soon after the last is appalling, yet not nearly as disturbing to me as the political games being played by the opposition. Mr. Layton and Mr. Dion are not representing the people. The people voiced their opinion with their votes on October 14th, and from what I have been reading about recent polls, the people are not in any way favourable toward the moves the opposition is attempting. As for the Bloc, they will help to support anyone who can suit their purposes at the moment.

I believe in a unified Canada. I pray for a unified Canada. If games such as this are allowed to prevail, the only thing I have left to hold on to is my belief that God is in control. With people’s lives hanging in the balance, I can only say God help us. God help Canada."

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