31 August 2013

world on a platter

born into
the Pepsi Generation
taught to Just Do It
Be all that I can be

I was told 
I could have the whole 
world on a platter
but so many 
choices can paralyse
What are you hungry for
when you don't know what
you're hungry for?

undisciplined, glutted
with too much 
that was never

now my constant 
prayer is
bleed me dry
to desire more of You

thanks to Pepsi, Nike, U.S. Army and Ritz Crackers
hanging out with Brian and the poets slinging slogans



Claudia said...

sometimes we get our stomach a bit ill because of the many choices we seem to have - but do we really - great metaphor and looking at that pic.. i'm getting hungry now...smiles

Brian Miller said...

that is a powerful prayer...but one of humility...we dont need much of what we have and just have it for what? we were sold a broken product....

Anonymous said...

This is true of food but also of so many things!

Laurie Kolp said...

Just do it seems to be the popular slogan of the day. I love your take on the prompt.

Victoria said...

Beautiful Reminds me of St. Augustine's "Our hearts are restless, Lord, and they are restless until they rest in thee." (Something like that!)

Mary said...

There are many kinds of hungers for sure, and often there is nothing earthly that can satiate that hunger. I do like the prayerfulness at the end...the right approach for dealing with a certain hunger.

Anonymous said...

Only if we all allow ourselves to become our own masters and not get entranced by the platter of these brands.
Good message of consuming as much as you need.
I liked the way you added the brand names and their catchphrases. Interesting read!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

A wonderful write, a beautiful prayer. Thank you.
Anna :o]

Glenn Buttkus said...

You piety, whelped in Uganda, reaches out to the rogues & pariahs & free thinkers among us; your poetry sings and bends both ways like a contortionist; thanks for the prayer & the poem.

Grace said...

That we have become undisciplined, glutted with too much, I agree ~ The world is our platter but how we make use of it is another story ~ Love the ending verse ~

Truedessa said...

To have the world on a platter..hmmm..depends on what is being served..sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs..I like the hope in the end..

kaykuala said...

World on a platter with food galore! But one often gets bombarded with choices which make things difficult and even expensive. Nicely!


Gail said...


aprille said...

"slinging slogans" - made me smile.
Yes, these slogans are a dangerous weapon. 'Just do it' - without consideration for others or the consequences of the action. So many of them are an insiduous use of language. Well done.

Hey..any chance of you reconsidering the word verification? It is so hard to decypher. Try comment moderation to see if that would suit.

Björn said...

Ah.. those choices... isn't that way to much sometimes. and sometimes it's just too much..

Anonymous said...

World on a platter certainly could be replaced with manure. No matter how. Even when you make great choices. People are not really that, which they or we think they seem to be. Free will. No one is truly humble. There was only
'The One'.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the ending on this:
now my constant
prayer is
bleed me dry
to desire more of You

Nice one!

Denise said...

Really like this post.

Jennifer Dougan said...

Creative, HisFirefly. :) "...to desire more of you." Hmm, good stuff.

Re your comment on my post "Restoring romance in a Rushed and Running World," those simple relaxed moments breathe peace and renewal deep into me. You too?

Jennifer Dougan

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