15 August 2013

on a breeze

in the deep
of a mid August night
summer has finally come on a breeze
after days and weeks far too cold delicate petals unfold

delicate petals unfold landscape ablaze bright colours bold
and tender pastels with whispering tease
let their fragrance delight
while we sleep

Today's Form For All was to write to a  mathematical series.  
I chose the challenge of Pascal's triangle

linking at the pub where mathematics doesn't scare us into silence


Brian Miller said...

ha. after first day of school today...i could use some of that sleep...our nights are getting cooler...its nice to sleep with the windows open...love the landscape in bright colors...both in flowers...and then in the changing leaves of autumn...

Denise said...

very good writing.

aprille said...

Hi there,
reading your lines out loud, it struck me how many -ee- sounds you have included. And the nuggets of rhyme also add interest. I forgot about that and shall have to try another one.

Claudia said...

nice...love the fragrance of summer..esp. in warm summer nights... over here summer has come back again... 30 C today...birds singing... but autumn on her way already...

David Rupert said...

I like the idea of fragrant flowers still giving off their joy while we sleep

Grace said...

I love those delicate petals unfolding ~ I envy your warm summer breeze ~ Lovely shape of your words too ~

Mystic_Mom said...

I love the smells of late summer and early fall. Great write. Love the form. It flows really well!

Marina Sofia said...

This Pascal triangle thing is tough, isn't it? I attempted one as well, but I think you've done a much nicer job here - and a diamond shape.

Mary said...

You have really captured the mood of mid August.


Björn said...

A very sweet and nice poem and the summer feelings with the petals--

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