27 August 2013

opening doors

I never would have
dared to swing wide
the door, exposing
private messes better left

but as change 
draws near
old will bow 
to new
and freely now
I display before
dirty, cracked
faded sad

all the better
to reveal the glory

letting truth hang out at the bar with the poets



Mary said...

It is always good to come to terms with 'the old' before ushering in 'the new.'

Brian Miller said...

indeed, its better to let the cracks be seen so that the glory gets all the glory in the end...

Beth Winter said...

I've written about this in a different way, but the same underlying thought. No matter how much we cover the scars of before, they are part of us. Well written.

Arron Shilling said...

I have closed many doors and padlocked the pain and the mess but on occasion I crowbar the corridor with a cross and face the demons without fear . . . ok, I admit I am not totally fearless but they wouldn't be rooms worth revisiting unless they challenged my state: thanks for making me think! :)

Claudia said...

ah nice...i like before and after pics - very cool - can't wait to see how it looks once all is finished... nice

Anonymous said...

Getting ready to welcome the new rather than sweep it under the carpet sounds wise, even if it is not always easy!

flaubert said...

Excellent use of metaphor here.


Denise said...


ayala said...

Love the metaphor here, nice capture.

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