14 August 2013

at this moment

This has been a season of impatience, of learning to wait, of trying to keep worry and uncertainty from boiling over.

We are waiting to hear where our Operation Mobilization assignment might be so that we can begin to pray and plan and build a support team.  Scenarios buzz and flutter in my mind through the day and in the night.

We are beginning the major renovation of our bathroom.  Lists of things that must be done, both large scale and detailed zip through my thoughts through the night and in the day.

And my heart and mind conclude:  I can't do this.

But God.  Always, but God.

I sat with my journal open this morning to hear what He would say:

I will place in your hands what you need for the moment
not sooner, or later
for My timing is My timing
and perfect in itself

this is why you awoke with the French word maintenant
used to mean now
the literal meaning is from main=hand and tenant=holding
the time you are holding in your hand

now is where you are
now is where I Am
hold Me as I Am holding you

walking with the broken yet redeemed at Emily's



Karmen M. said...

What a great reminder. Thank you for the encouraging words.

Mia De Vries said...

The French translation of the word "now" gives the concept of living in the eternal present a much richer and deeper meaning for this is where God is; in eternity where there is no yesterday's or tomorrow's or maybes.
Blessings XX

Jason Stasyszen said...

He is fully present in this moment. I stop to recognize this and He reveals Himself. What an encouragement, Karin. Thank you.

Denise said...

Such truth spoken here.

David Rupert said...

Fears are normal. And they are to be expected when you are in God's Plan

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