23 August 2013

chosen first

It isn't that I needed to be first
waiting to be chosen for teams, projects, friendships
I always recognized that there were others who were
more agile 
with talents I would never possess
I didn't have to be number one
so I would wait
not even knowing I was holding all that expectation
like air I wasn't breathing

its okay to not be first
but please, oh please
don't let me be last
the worst of the worst
the icon, the idol of ridicule
the one forced upon 
just let me be in the middle somewhere
not sticking out like a untold joke

as another school year resumes
take a moment to remember those days
pray for the unwelcome
for the bullied
and the brutal
may they know
they are each and all
chosen first
in the eyes of Him Who created us all

Five Minute Friday

linking with Lisa-Jo today where the word is last



Sarah Penner said...

Amen! My kids are homeschooled and know little of such anxiety yet, but I'll pray for their friends who are in that world. Thank you for the reminder.
~Sarah from http://sudryandspecific.wordpress.com/

Denise said...

Amen my friend.

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