24 August 2013

just for the love of Him

Men invent means and methods 
of coming at God's love, 
they learn rules and set up devices 
to remind them of that love, 
and it seems like a world of trouble 
to bring oneself into 
the consciousness of God's presence. 
Yet it might be so simple. 
Is it not quicker and easier 
just to do our common business 
wholly for the love of him? 
Brother Lawrence

in the stillness with Sandy
abiding with Cheryl


Denise said...

So true.

caryjo said...

I've read Brother Lawrence a number of times since 1968. He started as a young non-monk and became a very seriously understood and welcomed one. I have been very happy with him. Thanks for sharing so beautifully, both with the photo and his words.


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