09 August 2013

loneliness or solitude

I remember when everywhere I looked
concrete, cars, houses and apartments
filled my vision
people seemed to be everywhere
noise, constant conversation
it was often impossible to be alone
yet the loneliness of the crowd
cut deep
now my eyes see trees, fields, open sky
not another home visible
unless I use binoculars
life runs to a slower rhythm
quiet, few phone calls
I can go for days seeing only my husband
a steady diet of time alone
and the fullness of that solitude
nourishes deeper still

Five Minute Friday
joining Lisa-Jo spurred by the word lonely



Salena said...

I love your post. It's nice to find other believers our there who are not afraid to share their hearts.

Leelee said...

Glad you found out where to find your solitude and peace.

Mia De Vries said...

Yes, that days were I deliberately spend time in loneliness fills my spirit deep with the resurrected life of Jesus. What a great place to be!
Luv XX

Kim Adams Morgan said...

I smile as I read. My life is the opposite, I went from quiet and peaceful to the city. I still find the stillness and the Lord. We just need to look. This is beautiful. Kim

Denise said...

wonderful post.

Amy Lynne said...


Holly @ the belle mere said...


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