12 January 2013

At her master's feet

Only one thing is important [necessary; needed]. 
Mary has chosen the better thing, 
and it will never be taken away from her  

May today and all days 
find you taking time 
to sit at the feet of your Master

sighing  with the Sunday community at Deidra's



Linda Stoll said...

your blog header is compellingly beautiful, even in the depth of this chilly season ...


Kristi said...

I love this! The fact that I have a Golden may make me just a bit prejudiced! :) I love that you paired this picture with the scripture of sitting at His feet. It will a reminder now whenever my dog is curled up at my feet to also be at my masters feet.

Covenant Grace said...

What a beautiful picture for a beautiful verse! Sitting at HIS feet - visiting from the Sunday Community.

Thoughts for the day said...

What a cool dog and a neat picture.

caryjo said...

Yes, sitting at my Master's feet sounds glorious. [Your dog is neat at feet, too.]

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Loving this and what a great way to illustrate it for us!