30 January 2013

all of me

At the end of Chapter 2 of The Furious Longing of God Brennan Manning posed the following challenge:
There is the “you” that people see and then there is the “rest of you.” Take some time and craft a picture of the “rest of you.” This could be a drawing, in words, even a song. Just remember that the chances are good it will be full of paradox and contradictions.
Here is my response:

I am layer upon layer
stripping to reveal 
only to find more that remains hidden
urban born and raised 
I found refuge and my heart 
on the Canadian prairies
yet city scepticism lingers
I see the way staircases lead down 
more often than as a way to climb up
even though my mind knows I can find rest in my Lord
I often find my thoughts churning, thrashing, 
whirlpools of waves that refuse to be stilled
I choose to focus on the road before me 
and the promises of morning
not dwelling long on all that lies behind
burning with the passion seeded in me
chosen, broken, no longer my own
a new creation learning to abide
to reflect His glory and bear good fruit

and in all my imperfection His love burns bright, unending, as Manning writes:
For His love is never, never, never based on our performance, never conditioned by our moods—of elation or depression. The furious love of God knows no shadow of alteration or change. It is reliable. And always tender.
It may yet take all of my remaining days to truly understand such a love.
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Jason Stasyszen said...

Interesting how we can have such conflicting things rolling around inside us, isn't it? No wonder Father calls us to rest in Him. He's united, He's free, He's whole. He's calling us into what we long for if we'll listen and respond. Thank you, Karin.

Philip said...

Beautiful post. It's fun to read all the different ones!

Anonymous said...

Such love is too grand for my mind to grasp! By the way, I like how you use poetry to convey what you read. It was beautiful.