01 April 2011

Dry eyes

My eye, used to illustrate hazel eye colourImage via Wikipedia

For the last little while I've been having trouble with my right eye.  I am continually wiping away clear strings of matter that annoy me and sometimes blur my vision.  Wondering what was going on, I googled the problem.

It seems that the cause could be infection or some sort of allergy, resulting in an eye that is too dry.  Eye drops were the solution of choice.  Artificial tears.  We had drops in the medicine cabinet and I have been using them.

Yesterday, with my emotions touched by one thing or another, I began to weep.  As the water flowed from my eyes, I blinked.  The tears were soothing, refreshing.

Like a slap in the face, it hit me.  I don't need artificial tears.  I need real tears.

I am one who is known for crying, and we keep a box of tissues in every room of our house.  But in that moment I realized that for some reason, lately the release of tears has been blocked for me.

So I pray for true weeping, Lord, moved by joy or sorrow or both.  Let my eyes and my spirit be washed in what is real and what is true.


Nikole Hahn said...

Sometimes, I feel as if I have this calm about me and all I want to do is to shout and break that calm. It's like the water flows fast and furious beneath the ice, but to the observer it's only the ice they see.

Sandra Heska King said...

You have such a tender heart.