03 November 2010

Pour me out

This shell contains
too much
of me
not room enough
for all that He
desires to pour.

I've been leaking
yes, but far
too slow
progress hindered
as if a "no"
was whispered in the dark.

Accept my "yes"
Lord, even though
it seems so late in coming.
To brave the pain
of letting go
I spill my cup
releasing all
in a fresh fall
of tears
to let this shell
at once grow thin
to let Your glory
shine within.

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Carrie Van Horn said...

This is such a beautiful reflection of your relationship with God....beautifully written from a beautiful heart....a message we all need...."pour me out"..."let this shell at once grow thin to let Your glory shine within."....so true and lovely!

Melissa Campbell said...

A beautiful poem, and I can relate to the leaking too slowly, needing to be poured out. Blessings. :)

moondustwriter said...

I love this poem - like a devotion. You are a sweet vessel

best with nano keep me posted - I'm blogging mine this year ha. Im an idiot

hugs from the Moon

Bubba said...

Very nice One Shot!

Unknown said...

very nice..it echoes my struggle. My pride is so precious yet so heavy

Shelby said...

LOVE this. I so much want to be poured out and yet I'm still too empty for pouring. Beautiful, my friend, just beautiful.

Glynn said...

So may we all be poured out.
So may we all be filled.

Great poem. From the heart.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful reflections. We need to be empty in order to receive.

Laura said...

So lovely! I really relate to these lines:

Accept my "yes"
Lord, even though
it seems so late in coming.

He always does.

Shashidhar Sharma said...

The relationship with God is very beautiful and I started liking this poetry from the first line... you have too much of you.. is it Ego you are talking or love..?

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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Anonymous said...

well done!

Marshy said...

a really enjoyable read...and the loved the way the rhyme kept slipping in....thanks for sharing with osw...cheers pete

Unknown said...

super beautiful entry.