10 November 2010

Enough Fog

Fog settles
a blanket not
or welcomed
but thick with dark
as if morning
can not quite

Damp hovers
almost warm
and the freezing point.

I wait
not quite patiently
for clarity
even if snow
shouts victory.

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Michael Perkins said...

Karin, this was beautiful.

wanderer and vagabond said...

this is enchanting....

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Bubba said...

I endured a foggy day yesterday, so this really hit home. (I'm also not always exactly patient)

Nice One Shot!

Melissa Campbell said...

I hate to think about it, snow shouting victory. But yes, that would be so much better than the damp and fog. Love this poem!

moondustwriter said...

There are days that fog here is like a white out.

I love the way the fog becomes a presence in you poem

Thanks for sharing with One Shot

Moon Smiles for your clear day

Claudia said...

i like your poem..there are two kinds of fog i always think...and it may has to do with my own soul's condition...one that wrapps you in white blanket like a friend and the one that prevents you to see...

Shashidhar Sharma said...

Its very beautiful. I enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing...

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