27 October 2010

Keep my eyes open, Lord

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One hundred jetliners crashing every day, day after day after day. Hundreds of thousands of lives lost. That would surely make the media and the world take notice, right?

That many lives and more are lost each day to illness, starvation, the ravages of poverty. Lives ended one at a time, so silently that our comfortable lives do not feel the whisper of their passing.

Richard Stearns discusses this in Chapter 9 of The Hole in Our Gospel, leaving my heart broken again, gasping for air, on my knees asking the Lord how I can keep myself attentive to things my flesh would rather turn away from.

I may not be able to help the millions, but show me how to bring comfort, provision, life, to one at a time. Help me see the faces in the big picture, and to see the big picture in the eyes of each one.

This chapter makes me dislike myself, and for that I say "Thank you, Mr. Stearns. Thank you."

Come join the discussion this week at Sarah M. Salter's Living Between the Lines.

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Sandra Heska King said...

One. Just one. Because of the Just One.

jasonS said...

I join with your prayer, Karin. So be it in Jesus' name.