21 October 2010

Imperfect Prose - China

I am home.
My haven in the prairies.
Unpacking dishes
that journeyed
across the miles
wrapped tight
in the back of our vehicle.

Plates, soup bowls
salad dishes
cups and saucers
serving platters
and small fruit bowls.

They have been stashed
unused for years
on shelves
in my mother's kitchen
cherished because
they belonged
to her mother
before her.

Delicate floral on ivory
crafted in Bohemia
edged in gold.

These will find a way
to my table
where hearts gather
to find their joy
in the love and provision
of the Lord.

And here I feel
almost as fragile
as the fine china
moving my past
into my future.

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Carrie Van Horn said...

Our hearts should be tender and fragile like fine china...this is truly a beautiful poem! I love it!

Unknown said...

And here I feel
almost as fragile
as the fine china
moving my past
into my future.

Seem like perfect prose to me..!

Unknown said...

moving makes me feel really fragile too. I can totally relate to this as I've recently moved and will probably move again soon. It's scary (but beautifully exciting)

Mommy Emily said...

and here, you give us strength, in your fragility, friend... for he shines in you--holy strength. what beautiful pottery... and see how it didn't break, in spite of? what courage we pull from this. beautiful prose! xo

Sharon Cohen said...

You had me at "haven in the prairies". Your poem speaks of familiar scenes and emotions - hauntingly so. I know that a day like this looms on my not too distant horizon - and your poem will bring me to tears that day. But now, it prompts a melancholy musing of home. You've got a new follower in me.

Hi, I'm Sharon. I'm here from Emily's Imperfect Prose, enjoying each link and inviting everyone to stop in for my contribution, #47 Hearten Soul, Communication.

Ann Kroeker said...

Beautiful...the poem, the dishes, the memories, the future.

It is strong and delicate.

floyd said...

Thank you for the delicate yet powerful words expressed so beautifully. I also share your sentiments regarding Proverbs and have made that one of the staple prayers in my family. "Father may you make my and my children's paths straight and level before us, and may we bring you honor with all that you provide."

finding floyd