15 June 2009

Stepping into new shoes

Yesterday morning, we were taking some extra time to laze in bed before getting up for church. These are times that our Lord often shows me pictures that seem silly and meaningless. What I first saw was a small pair of shoes, similar to wooden clogs. "I just saw a pair of shoes" I said to my husband, who said "hmmmm" and went back to sleep.

"Okay Lord" I asked, "what's with the shoes?"

I then began to see a series of shoes, each pair different from the last. The last pair was quite large, and this is when I sensed the Lord begin to speak.

Yes, these shoes do look too big for you. You will feel that they are too big for you. But these are your shoes. This is the pair I want you to step into. These are your shoes. Walk in them.

So, it seems the Lord is about to stretch me again. Yes Lord God, I hear You. Yes Lord, I will be obedient to do as You say. May I boldly step into the new things you are placing before me, standing in faith and knowing that it is Your design.
"and having 'put on your feet as shoes the preparation of the Gospel of peace" (Ephesians 6:15)


Genikwa Williams said...

Wow! Glory to God for this vision, Karin.

I know that when God stretches us into new places and things, it can be quite an exciting journey. But stretching can also be uncomfortable and even painful.

May the Lord strengthen and comfort you as He stretches you.

God bless you, my Sister!

Firmly In His Grip
(and loving Him as He stretches me, too),
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Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

But, even more so...that's for your post. So relevant for me today.

It's so neat how God will send us places we would never think of going...like a blog...and He speaks right to the heart.

From my heart,