08 November 2008

Another Flickering FireFly

Shining His Light
It's time to give out another Flickering FireFly. To read about the latest recipient of this blessing go to The Power of Your Love where I join with Beth and others to praise our Lord.


sailorcross said...

Wow!! Did you check out Peggy's comment? She is just so thrilled!!

She is truly shining her light!!


Peggy said...

Dear HIS Firefly, I realize now that I should have come here also and thanked you personally since it is from you the FLICKERING FIREFLY originates. I am deeply moved still and in case you did not yet read at "The Power of Your Love", I am in shock & humbled that my little flicker of light shines for Jesus!
Isn't that what it's all about!

At my own blog, I have not yet decided how to word my reflections on this FIREFLY although I did write a bit & enough for you or Beth to know that God can't keep a secret because all week He had been whispering "salt & light" to me as I pray & prepare to be that more daily in my mission & ministry here in Mexico. So I had no idea that this was in store for me as a surprise & blessing. It truly confirmed what His Spirit was speaking to me as you even shared Matthew 5. It is the focus of my week and Word Filled Wednesday (I already prepared & scheduled). God
has His perfect timing & the only LIGHT that needs to shine! I pray that I may flicker just enough to
draw others to let their light shine for Jesus!In All that I do, I want to lead others to know that He is the way, the truth and the Light to Life...and eternal life for each of us who FLICKER for Him. Thank you for the Scripture confirmation, the wonderful WORDle & the FLICKERING FIREFLY...I am truly touched & honored to give the glory unto Jesus Christ for this precious
gift from Him & the two of you to me. May you be blessed & may I be a worthy light of Christ's POWER to LOVE! Thank you ever so much!