04 November 2008

Morning vision

Driving into town this morning for work, I was praying in the spirit, after a restless night of waking many times to pray.

Suddenly the Lord began to unfold a vision before me. What I was seeing was a make shift hospital, like the tents that are used on battlefields. The cots were filled with wounded. They were groaning, weeping and crying out. I could see blood and bandages.

I sensed that the Lord was saying "there WILL be a battle, there WILL be casualties, and His church will be called upon to be the medics that step in to help the wounded and broken ones. We must be prepared. We must be ready."

As I was letting His words sink in, the vision continued to expand. The rows of cots went on and on endlessly into the distance. I thought "Lord, there are too many of them" and I heard myself say "Lord, I don't want to see this".

I sensed Him saying "I need to show you. My people need to know. You need to prepare, for it is through you that healing will come."


sailorcross said...

Wow!! This is awesome!! I tried clicking on your thankful post where it says "here" and your link isn't working.

I scrolled down a little further, and here it is. This is amazing that God is giving you these visions. I've never experienced anything like this before.

I've definitely felt God's presence within me, felt His power and strength, but I've never seen a vision.

Lately though, just for an example, I was sending an e-mail card to a friend who has had surgery. I had in my mind what I wanted the message from me to say. As I started to type it though, my eyes closed and I just typed. When I opened them and looked, there was a prayer for her that was not my message but a message for her from God.

Has that ever happened to you?

This has since happened again twice. My eyes just close and my fingers are typing--I don't know what until I open my eyes and look. And there is always something beautiful written from God.

And so, I ask again, has this ever happened to you?


Kathy Schwanke said...

I am wondering if the battle is earthly, spiritual or both. Whichever, we must be about the business of tending our hearts and attending to His word...abiding in Him.

Praying with you too.