11 December 2013

sweet lingers

My hands have been at work
measuring, stirring
shaping cookies
the oven adding both warmth
and aroma
to a home so quickly filled
with winter.

I am preparing
old favourites
but also testing new 
recipes and ideas
aware that this may be
my last time
to cherish a Canadian Christmas.

As I try to imagine
the next years
(perhaps many, many years)
in Africa
I sample the results
of my work here
a sweet lingers
leaving longing on my tongue.

walking with Emily, imperfect but chosen and loved



diana said...

Oh, I recognize that particular sweetness. And I'll be doing some of those very soon. Strange to think of you so far from here, Karin. Will you have internet? (Oh, please, oh, please!)

Nancy Hamilton Sturm said...

Sounds like some big changes are coming in your life! God must have some great things in store for you. In the meantime, enjoy the sweetness and the beautiful Canadian winter!

elizabeth said...

When my daughter was in Ghana the thing she craved was tacos! They have beans so she made refried beans, they have beef but she had to try to grind it into hamburger, they have corn meal so she made tortillas, onion, tomatoes and lettuce are abundant as are avocados, but the cheese is hard to find and very pricey. All that to say this, there are things from home you'll miss, but it's the people there that will imprint you forever. When do you leave?

Unknown said...

One thing is for sure, once. Africa is in your blood, it is there for good. We are having a great summer's day here in South Africa. It s strange for me to consider Christmas as a winter season.
Blessings XX

Unknown said...
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Dolly@Soulstops said...

Hi Karin,
I love how your words leave a sweet lingering as I read them and we will keep in touch, please, while you are in Malawi...hugs to you :)