24 December 2013

less of me for Christmas

This was originally written and posted in 2010.  It is as true now as it was then.

this has been another year of wanting to learn 
what it means to surrender
to desire more of Him and less of me
to lay down my plans, offer my heart
to come as I am knowing His love will accept me
but also change me.

this has been a year of learning 
how much of my "self" still fights for life.

so for this Christmas I want less
less of who I think I am and more of Who He Is.
that I might loosen my grip on this alabaster jar 
even knowing it will fall
shatter and empty 
pouring out all that I am.

this year I will again wrap a box
to place beneath the tree
as a gift to my Lord, an offering of a place emptied
prepared, waiting to be filled.

my Christmas hope, a miraculous exchange
that would leave none of me
and all of Him.

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Anonymous said...

It may be on oldie, but, it's still good.