13 December 2013

light pours through

Bonnie's prompt this week was the little girl in you
and as I pondered what to write
my urge was to run and avoid the topic entirely
that is the little girl in me

she knew she was loved by mother and father
maybe by two older brothers when she wasn't annoying them
she was clever enough, intelligent and quick with words
but there was just too much of her
too much flesh spilling out of clothes unable to contain her expansion
too much emotion that didn't fit the required mold of happiness
too much, too much
and nowhere to hide

she had not yet heard the quiet voice
the whispered invitation 
to come away to a place of stillness
where she would never be too much
and always be enough
and love flowed pure and free

she knows better now
I know now

I’ve never quit loving you and never will.
Expect love, love, and more love!

My head knows
the grown-up me
but that little girl resides in deep
in the heart spaces still being healed
and still He redeems
 His light pours through
the broken places

 jamming with Bonnie



Patty said...

Thank you for this truth-filled expression. I was "too much" in the eyes of my parents too. He doesn't make "too much." He always makes "just right." It is the capacity of those who receive us which is reflected in "too much" -- it is too much for what they can hold, but not too much in what we have to give. I am so glad you are opening to healing, as I am. What a gift!

Anonymous said...

the little girl
is not just in the past
the little girl still lives
and is having a blast

Jody Lee Collins said...

"His light flows through the broken places." That resonates with me, my dear Karin.
Precious words here.

bluecottonmemory said...

I know a little girl like that - broken inside - being mended by the great creator! Life can be so tough on little girls - so glad she found herself beautiful!

Poet Laundry said...

Oh this touched my heart. Beautiful!

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