30 December 2013

lessons in December

The month of December is coming to a close, and with it another year shall end, this one even quicker than those that came before.  I will take time to reflect on what 2013 taught me as the new year begins.  But for today, I'm joining in at Emily's to share what December had to teach.

I learned - time doesn't take away the ache of missing Mom.  The pain may not be as jagged or acute, but the empty space in my heart is chronic.

I learned - the tighter I attempt to hold time, the faster it escapes.  Holidays pile up in a heap, one after another, year after year after year.  The speed blurs the memories.

I learned - there is still much more of me than I want or need.  Surrender continues as day by day I again attempt to lay down my self and step into Him.

I learned - by some peculiar mind twist, an artificial fire crackling on a flat screen television can indeed make the whole house feel much warmer.  With the temperatures plummeting to -35 here this is useful knowledge.

I learned - parts of my heart are already saying goodbye to this Canadian life and stepping forward into the unknown, into Africa, preparing for the multitude of lessons still to learn.

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Sondie said...

I understand that jagged ache of missing a mom. Time does make it easier but there is something about just needing your mom that never goes away. This is a big reason it is important to mentor other women…if you touch a woman's life there is potential to impact generations to come. That woman, that mom, who you touch will be impacting her children long after she's gone.

Enjoyed your post!

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi His firefly,

Thanks for this chance to peek into your reflective moments. Wow, tell me more about Africa?! I lived there for some years.

The retreat sounds interesting. How long have you been writing for the High Calling?

Jennifer Dougan

bluecottonmemory said...

I miss my grandmother all the time.We grew up with her. I miss sitting on the porch with her - and the giving and taking in our relationship:) I, too, am interested in what you will be doing in Africa - oh, that sounds so exciting! Wishing you blessing in 2014!

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