02 December 2013


as the snow falls
filling the yard
coating the bare branches
the winter birds return
expecting to find food
believing in provision
simple faith
that I have yet to learn



Nina said...

So beautifully written! I'm also learning to trust in His provision ... He's never too late, nor too early ... Our faith needs to grow, and it will, in His faithful care! Blessings to your week, Nina

diana said...

I think you're learning it quite well, Karin. You continually amaze me with the depth of your faith. And this picture??? My fave of all the winter shots I've seen - just perfection. Thank you.

Duane Scott said...

Love this...

Ceil said...

That was really good! I never really thought about the fact that the birds find their food in all circumstances. And so should we.

Really enjoyed your post today :)

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