18 December 2013

hands captured open

For three nights in November I lingered by the banks of the Frio River
side by side with bloggers I had only known in a virtual way
comrades in Christ
washed in the spirit that inhabits Laity Lodge
holy, generous, accepting
a space for hearts to open
rent by truth, we leaked
upon the stone floor, the comfy sofas
each other, passions
secrets, life poured forth
even more than we were aware

I often felt the fringes
the all too familiar voices
you don't fit here
they know each other, but not you
no not you

but I was seen
I was known
I was heard
in ways I never expected
in Him
through Him
captured in pixels and shared
via social media
after my return home
I loved this image of Karin Fendick's hands. A common sight - coffee in one hand, talking with the other. Evidently I was fascinated by her hands. So open to what is being poured into them...a testimony in and of themselves. Perhaps someone could use them as another inspiration for "empty vessels"
thank you Lord for giving Your eyes to another
thank you Tina for the pictures and the words
they were a flood of healing to my fractures

walking with Emily in broken imperfection yet perfectly loved



Anonymous said...

i like karin fendick's scarf too

Dea Moore said...

So great that you got to go to the retreat. I know your presence was a blessing to all.

Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi hisfirefly,

Tell me more about this conference you were at along the river! It sounds lovely.

Nice to be here again. Merry Christmas. Hopping over from the IP link up,
Jennifer Dougan