04 December 2013

missing her

Mom and I never shared Christmas
not in the way I rejoice with other believers
those who at least try to remember the reason
but we shared joy in the lights
and the beauty of the season
cookies and candies
ribbons and bows
gifts given and received
it was a time for keeping warm
and extravagant love

that is what I remember
that is what I miss
that is what filled and spilled tears today

walking with Emily and the broken, imperfect redeemed


SaraV said...

Traditions are wonderful and bring treasured memories--love is one of the best gifts. A beautiful write. Thank you very much for your visit to my blog :-)

diana said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Karin. But actually grateful for your tears - I think they do us a world of good. My mom was actually pretty 'good' today - and I still wept as I drove away. She is just so dang sweet, kind to everyone she sees --- but so, so confused and forgetful. Sigh. And when she does die? I'll miss her terribly. Love to you in the midst of it all, my friend.

Leslie said...

my mother was a christmas elf, herself, even at age 83. i am missing her very much this year, as well...

Jennifer Dougan said...

I'm sorry, Firefly, for the loss of your mom, as you grieve her, and miss her.

May the memories be a balm on the hardest days.

Jennifer Dougan

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