03 December 2013

lights and artifice

light-emitting diode 
colours bright 
the inside tree reflects 
on slick white frozen 
through to the other side
of the living room window

while flames artifice
dance in snaps 
and crackles on the flat screen
pretending heat

still the air is warm
here where hearts 
find rest in sacred expectation

side by side with the poets today


Mary said...

This is beautifully expressed.

Brian Miller said...

nice...tis that season...advent...waiting...lighting the night....

kkkkaty said...

Nicely put...one perk of the holidays..treat for the eyes

vivinfrance said...

At this colourful time of year, the solace of home is a welcome respite for many (but sadly, not for all)

Anonymous said...

Oh the irony; to hearts that are yearning for some real reality, we offer only plastic imitations ...

Nicely observed, and some fabulous use of enjambment.


billgncs said...

is the immitation flattery ?

a fun poem.

Björn said...

It might be artificial...the holiday is in the hearts... very nice flow.

Poet Laundry said...

That final stanza wraps it up perfectly :-) A blessed season to you!

Raivenne said...

My this brought back memories...

I and my late-husband I have done this, sat in front of the "Yule log" enjoying the same type of warmth. Thank you for the lovely moment of reminiscence.

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