09 October 2019

too too soon

the beginning of 2014
January through April, perhaps a bit of May
winter slipped under the doors
painted pictures on the windows
while we were lost in dreams
of a life hotter, fuller in Africa
and in August that same year
we left the prairies below us as we flew away
there were visits back
2016, 2018 but always summer
never did I miss the ice
the bitter winds
or the snow, no
not at all
yet, today I find myself here
the sky dull
constant cloud cover 
dripping rain and yes,
snow,  early October
shivering deep beneath my skin
winter hardly begun
the long season of fleece
down, woolly socks and hot tea
is upon me and the thought
of hibernation tantalizes
new snow tires on the vehicle
but oh, if I had my way
I'd remain inside
until Spring's thaw
months and months from here

1 comment:

Sam said...

Me too, I just have to get this hibernation thing figured out - soon.