24 June 2010

Pleasantly Disturbed?

My blogger friend Duane Scott, in his pleasantly disturbed fashion has chosen to begin a new carnival link-up titled Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays.  He asks us to throw together random thoughts that have filled our brains, noting that there is no requirement that the posts make sense.

Being one who can't turn her back on a challenge, here is my entry to this week's randomness.

While I was looking at the clouds Tuesday morning, wishing that the rain would not come, but knowing there was no stopping it, I knew I had to praise God anyway.  Out of the blue, from my lips burst my own version of an old song, and I knew that my spirit was singing to my Lord.

I'm gonna love You, like nobody's loved You, come rain or come shine.
Happy together, in all kinds of weather, now won't that be fine.
Days may be cloudy or sunny, I'm in or I'm out of the money,
But I'll love You always, I'm with You, rain or shine.
You always love me, like nobody's loved me......

And the skies grew darker, thunder rumbled, the wind roared through the trees and the rain pounded down so loudly I kept running to the door to see if it was hail.  Three years ago we had a hail storm in our region that left almost 90% of the homes needing new roofs and siding, softball size pellets with jagged edges tore through whatever was in their way.

I like sunshine, warm breezes, and grass that stops growing so it doesn't need to be cut.

How many mosquitos could a softball sized hailstone crush at one time?  I know.. God created mosquitos, I wrote about that last week.  He also created ants, and over 250,000 different varieties of beetles.  Would you call Him pleasantly disturbed also?  But I will yet praise Him.

I used to be a city girl from the Chicago metro area, one state away from Wisconsin, dairyland USA, where most cows are Holsteins, black and white.  Imagine my surprise upon arriving here to find brown cows, beige cows, solid velvety black cows, cows the colour of cinnamon (would they give cinnamon milk?) and many other pigmentations.  They eat grass and grain and taste really, really good.  If you stop next to field the herd will all turn with the same expression on their faces, as if to say "What do you want from me?  I'm a cow!"

Oh, by the way.. did I tell you, I really, really don't like mosquitos.

Are you disturbed yet?  Is it pleasant?  Come share with us at Duane Scott's where we may not be making any sense at all.

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Duane Scott said...

"Could you call God pleasantly disturbed?"

I'm at work. And I busted up laughing.

Doesn't matter if He is. I still like him.

Cows... "What do you want from me now?" After a while, I almost feel bad. We take from them so much!

You know what? You're really good at this. I hope you join me every Thursday. :)

Sandra Heska King said...

God made them, so they must be good, but it is fun to wonder:

"How many mosquitos could a softball sized hailstone crush at one time?"

My husband's family raised Holsteins. But oh I love those doe-eyed Guernseys.

Daughter of the KING said...

Fun post! Loved your song. Thanks for the smile, I sure needed it today. Oh, and I hate mosquitos also. So all I can say is a softball sized hailstone couldn't crush enough of them to please me.:-)

Cassandra Frear said...

I love summer storms. I know they cause damage. But still, I love them. I love the power and the drama.

Anonymous said...

Aw! I want to hug the cow's neck!

Great post!

Helen said...

@funnyoneliners once tweeted that the reason God invented mosquitos was to get us to slap ourselves. I thought that was definitely a funny one liner.

I never noticed my cow neighbors before. Next time I go to Wisconsin, I'm going to check out the cows.

Loved your randomity!

Savira Gupta said...

Love the colors of the cows. You should come to India and you will Pleasantly Disturbed byt the variety out there.

SarahBeeCreations said...

Oooh, I want to hug that cow! Would it give cinnamon milk? My daughter actually asked me the other day why the black cows at the dairy by our house didn't have chocolate milk. Which reminds me, we actually got to see a cow giving birth when we were there last week. I learned a lot from that cow and her peacefulness in purpose.
Hoping the monsoon brings fantastic storms this year. It has officially started, but no thunderous claps yet to greet it. As long as it isn't causing fires and damage, because who would love that part, I find them the best part of living in the desert. Such raw power and so beautiful!

Loved your post. It was like you live in my head.

And now that I've disturbed you, it looks like my work is done here ;)

Thank you for writing it and sharing! Hope to see you in next week's carnival.