22 May 2014

whitespace is not blank

the absence of busy
does not equal nothingness
the absence of busy
is not empty
the busy itself is the vacuum
the energy drain, set fully open
till nothing is left but the busy
no light
no breath
no meaning

just stop, if you can
for a moment
one moment in time
turn off the noise
He has been calling
through the ages

My beloved spoke 
and said to me,
    “Arise, my darling,
    my beautiful one, 
come with me.

in rest, in Him
in long, slow breaths
there is space
to create
to embrace the new thing
He wants to bring forth
through you
through me
to all who would stop
and come
letting go of the busy
to be

work of art

Whitespace Community Linkup @ faithbarista.com

allowing room for whitespace with Bonnie

this is also what we're doing over at Sandy's as we are working through Making Manifest



Denise said...

Very lovely.

Lisa said...

Karin I love your poetic approach to this journey. You are God's workmanship, His poemia, and He is doing a new thing in you and through you. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your words.

Nina said...

Especially love this line: "the busy itself is the vacuum"

Jody Lee Collins said...

This theme of sabbath and rest and slowing is reverberating all over in books and blogs and in the heartbeat of our Father.
Your words add to the loveliness.

Anonymous said...

Karin- Your poetry draws me in to the embrace of the Father to listen to His heartbeat for me and for all of us to find ourselves complete in Him. Here's to resting in His arms like a hammock on a breezy summer day!

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