19 May 2014

free ride

When we started thinking about Malawi I worried about learning to operate a standard shift automobile as well as driving on the opposite side of the road.  I realized I had no need to fear as we were informed we would not have a vehicle but instead had money in our start-up budget to purchase a bicycle for each of us.

Then came a new rush of apprehension.  I ride a stationary recumbent cycle, pedaling like crazy five or six mornings a week for exercise, but a real, moving bicycle?  I hadn't even tried to ride for at least thirty years.

Last Friday, opportunity and challenge arose.  I was visiting a dear friend, who had not one but two bikes in her shed, and the afternoon was sunny, clear and warm.  She asked if I'd like to try going for a ride, knowing both my nervousness and my need to overcome it.

Anxiety tried to tighten its grip, enough so that I left my eyeglasses inside; at least if I fell I wouldn't harm them.  I felt foolish about being afraid, and spoke against the fear.  I would not allow it to hinder my attempt.

Inhale, relax. Exhale slow.
One foot on a pedal.
One foot on the ground.
Life felt precarious.
Inhale. Lift other foot.
Exhale through the instability.
Push pedals. Inhale.
Feel the motion conquering imbalance.
Exhale joy, squealing like a child.
Jesus had me, strong and steady.
The sun was in my eyes, on my skin
the wind gentle in my hair.
Victory was smooth, fast
and free.

We rode for about fifteen to twenty minutes, until the places where my body rested on the seat began to scream with annoyance.  The aches have faded now.

Friday we shall ride again, longer.  Training has begun.

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Denise said...


Kelli Woodford said...

Yes, indeed, the training has begun. Love this, Karin. The One who guides you, gives you just what you need.

Looking forward to Malawi with you, friend.

Thanks for sharing at Unforced Rhythms.

michelle said...

Malawi! How exciting! Would love to hear about it. I miss Africa so much. Miss the people I met. Do you have a newsletter? Would love to be on your mailing list. My email is micey13@gmail.com

As a newish bike rider, I can relate to your story. I had an epic fall at church yesterday. Haha! Just keep getting on. It gets easier and it's so relaxing.

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