15 May 2014

why? what? poetry

In today's exercise in Making Manifest Dave Harrity asks:
What do you think poetry is for?  What is its purpose, as far as you can discern?  What are some things you think a good poem should do?
I found myself answering the question in poetry...

poetry is to capture
without caging, moments
in time, to evoke
and invoke
to open doors
wipe the dirt off windows
that a new seeing
is born
poetry should
push you to
the edge, then catch you
as you fall, encourage
a journey in or out
leaving memorial stones
along the way

linking with Sandy today as together we are Making Manifest



Dea Moore said...

Poetry has certainly captured you Karin---in the best way. Love this.

Denise said...

I like this.

Jennifer Dougan said...

Oooh, Firefly,

My favorite line: "to capture
without caging, moments
in time,"

Winsome. :)

Jennifer Dougan

Sandra Heska King said...

First off, I love that photo!

To capture without caging, to...

Never mind. I love every single line!

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