30 May 2014

practice slowness

Christ calls us:
practice slowness,
grip the moment before you and see it without hesitation,
see the real and brilliant places before you;
love your neighbor, bless your enemy,
treat all creation with amiable respect.
Because each being in this world is created, designed, intentional.
Dave Harrity in Making Manifest 

opening eyes to see
a world transformed
after the rains
breathing green

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday
seeking stillness with Sandy 


Monica Sharman said...

I'm really appreciating the green after the rain too.

Denise said...


caryjo said...

I TRY to slow down and pay attention carefully to what the Lord is calling me to do. BUT sometimes I'm a strong knee-jerking person, and hit the spiritual road too quickly. Oh, well... ain't perfect.

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