09 May 2014

seen and unseen

today's exercise  led me to the window
to note what I see and do not see
it may not be because things are secret
but more likely just that I am not paying attention

what pride resides
within, to think
the world exists for 
me, as if I am
by my nature
deserving of anything more
than these

dry twigs, fallen
leaves, strings
and straw, collected
by tiny builders
trying to create
how they labor
to gain
what I take
for granted

let my feet tread 
softer, then
that I might hear
their song

continuing to journey through Dave Harrity's Making Manifest



Dea Moore said...

treading softer with you, my friend…and taking nothing for granted...

Carol Garvin said...

NetworkedBlogs wouldn't let me comment, but Blogger's cooperating. Yay!

Just wanted to thank you for this, Karin. "... blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear."

Sandra Heska King said...

Today I looked down to see half a robin's egg at my feet. I was glad I was treading softly. I looked in vain for a nest.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.

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