02 May 2014

signs of Spring

the ground is clear of snow
save for along the tree lines
and spots protected from the sun
we live on high land
so even the mud has soaked well in
and we can walk the yard on dry ground
until the rains come
the rains that gather in brooding clouds
dark but beautiful

there are sure signs of Spring's return
Rick caught a glimpse of this year's first litter of kittens
robins and flickers are returning
and other more annoying things with wings
flies, and yes, even mosquitos have been spotted

temperatures still drop below freezing in the night
the future could yet hold more snow
but it is Spring
undeniable, irrepressible Spring
let all the earth rejoice

So let Heaven rejoice, let Earth be jubilant,
    and pass the word among the nations, “God reigns!”

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