05 May 2014

this open place

I was new born in Christ
a rebirth at age forty-three
I had struggled long
and dark to surrender
it was the end of week one
after giving up, giving in

family did not understand
or believe, tension
and anger made room for doubt
arguing left me
weary, tears spilling
as I drove home, aching
to know if I really believed
what I professed, God
where are You? rattled
unspoken in my hungry heart

I parked the car in it's usual 
spot by the back entrance
of the apartment building
as I was about to enter
I remembered
I hadn't checked the mail
and walked alongside the building
to the courtyard in front

God Himself must have tilted
my head upward
He had glory to reveal
for there, in the thick
cover of night
was an opening, a break
in the heavy clouds
glowing golden light
of an almost full moon

I stopped, stilled, jaws open
I don't know when I took in
breath, the late October air
was creeping through
my coat, chilling
yet I could not 
I remained rooted
to the ground, there
but my spirit
soaring, my heart
rejoicing, speaking
to my God
without sound

Thank You
You are there
and You have made a way
this open place
for me to see You
a break in the sky
for me to reach
into and break

tears mingled with
the wonder
and faith settled in
deeper than that night sky

Joining Kelli in Unforced Rhythms

and continuing to let creativity have it's way as I work through Dave Harrity's Making Manifest, where yesterday's exercise was to recall a time I felt a vivid sense of awe.



Patricia Hunter said...

So beautiful. Our God is an awesome God!

Denise said...


Kelli Woodford said...

Ah. I feel it with you, Karin. The renewed wonder, the peace that settles down into uncertain spaces, the contentment of being KNOWN (even if - on this side - we will never KNOW completely). Beautiful reflection, friend.

Thanks for linking with me today.

justbebeth said...

When we create a space for God, He is faithful to fill it. Or create His own space. Thank you for your beautiful words that remind me of times he's done this in my own life.

Tarissa said...

I loved these words ... "I remained rooted to the ground, there but my spirit soaring, my heart rejoicing, speaking to my God without sound." One of the most lovely descriptions of an awe-inspiring moment I've read. Thanks for sharing this!

Sandra Heska King said...

Where you write this:

I stopped, stilled . . . where you breathed in (i.e., perhaps gulped) . . .

did you notice your lines there form the shape of a cup or chalice?

HisFireFly said...

Sandy - I noticed the chalice shape after I posted --
and thought, that is the space He created in me, to hold Him!

Jody Lee Collins said...

Ohhhhh, Karin, I clicked on over here after seeing your link up on the Making Manifest FB page (where I am an official lurker currently).
This was astonishing, not the least of which, as Sandy pointed out, the SHAPE literally of these words.

God is pouring some mighty beauty through you. xxoo

David Rupert said...

On holy ground? Stopped...wow. Kind of like Paul -- thankfully you have your eyes to see now

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