26 May 2014

lessons in letting go

these days, I am often stopped on the street
in the mall, at the grocery store
by people I know, or those who know me
from pictures in newspaper articles
are you back already? some ask, or
when are you leaving? or
I thought you left already

no, we're still here, I reply
my heart divided, yearning 
to leave 
and stay
each day a new lesson
in letting go
as we begin the process
of packing favourite personal items
wrapped with care, to store away
unsure if we will ever use them again

we are learning, in all things

take what we are given
turn it in our hands
allowing it to become
the new thing He intends

turn it over in our hands
gently, not grasping

then let it go
give it away
it was never ours
to hold

letting the rhythm find its own way with Kelli in Unforced Rhythms



Denise said...


Kelli Woodford said...

Oh, how I feel the tenderness of your heart in this season thru these words, Karin. Thank you for your gentle reflections. Bless you, friend, in all the letting go's.

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