08 May 2014

the way You used to speak

I remember the way You used to speak to me
bold, bright brush strokes, sharp
contrast against the dark

undeniable, loud, impossible
to mistake for another

what was small, hard
secret within, warmed
at Your touch, floods
of light spilled
into every corner

now You speak to me, quiet
 teaching me how to listen

completing week one of Dave Harrity's Making Manifest with Sandy

Whitespace Community Linkup @ faithbarista.com

and sharing whitespace with Bonnie



Denise said...


Trudy said...

So beautiful and heartfelt, Karin. Thank you!

Sandra Heska King said...

From bold bright strokes... to soft watercolor whispers.

I'm so glad you're along for this ride.

Renee said...

Lovely! Teaching me how to listen....yes, Lord!

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