08 November 2013

truth in weather

morning dawned remarkable
fuchsia streaking light
soon the sky was littered with flurries
did one option better display His glory
simply because I preferred it?

would I deny the truth
of His creation, His control
as the weather shifts
in ways not to my liking?

the rain is His
as much as the sun
the brittle winds
blowing at His command

the ground is covered white
yet there is beauty here

Five Minute Friday 
joining Lisa-Jo talking about truth



Victoria said...

Beautiful! I'm down here in Texas where the high was 79 for most of this week. I sure would love a few snowy days!

Though I'm not sure we'd know what to do with ourselves down here if it DID snow :-)

Stopping by from FMF!

Richelle Wright said...

profound words - did one option better display His glory simply because i preferred it...

enjoyed this so much! thanks for sharing.

Nancy Sturm said...

Lovely! "The rain is his as much as the brittle wind blowing at his command" really resonated with me. Like the speaker of your poem, I thank Him for the weather I like, but not for weather I don't. Yesterday's "brittle wind" was not to my liking, yet my creator commanded it to blow. Thanks for the post.

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