19 November 2013


retreat, an act of 
a move toward
slowing, stopping
seeking shelter

I am giving up
giving in
to silence, surrender
three nights
four days away
in the company of other
hungry hearts

my fingers tremble
on these keys
feeling the need for them
so deep
that I know
retreat is called for
even here

this laptop
this connection
will be left behind
that I might find
of a richer kind

hanging out at the pub with the poets tonight


Anthony Desmond said...

we live in a time where a lot of people spend more time on the internet than in the real world... the idea of a retreat is now reversed in a way... now-a-days it's important to cut off all your gadgets and walk around, socialize without our heads buried in our smartphones... a retreat from the web... great write!!!

Brian Miller said...

i did that last weekend...got away...sought out deeper connections outside of this...so yes, i feel you there...smiles.

Mary said...

It is good to get away from one's 'connection' sometimes, to prove that one can do it.....to live in the world that is right around you, rather than in the connections made possible through the internet. Enjoy!

Steve King said...

How nice it is to be "unplugged" so that one can become truly connected. Very nicely put.
Steve K.

Claudia said...

i'm just back from 4 days in Nice...and did exactly that.. didn't even take my computer with me...didn't do any commenting or reading...just enjoyed breathing and life as it fell on me...

Poet Laundry said...

Moving toward peace...yes...I too find that it is much more balanced to limit the use of technology. A message well-expressed!

Mystic_Mom said...

Getting away, a planned retreat, is refreshing! Have a great time!

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