07 November 2013

come away

in the early morning hours
while the world is yet asleep
there is a voice that whispers
deep calling to deep
come away My beloved
come away with Me

I crawled out of bed earlier than usual today.  I have neglected my journaling time with Jesus. I knew it was time to rekindle my desire to listen when He spoke these words into my spirit:

Would you hear what I hear?  Then listen.  There is too much noise of the world screaming into your spirit, clamouring for your attention, flash and splash and glitter.

Come away.  In the quiet, by My side.  Realign your heartbeat.

You dreamed of visiting a type of church, a place of beauty.  Photos were not allowed and all at once you understood - it was a place of holiness that could not be sullied or captured in worldly ways.

I have set you apart.  Don't allow the world to change that call.


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