30 November 2013

The River

I find myself drawn to The River. 
With its beauty and power, 
The River calls to me. 
The River can be known but not fully. 
Therein lies the mystery. 
The River has a voice, 
and I love the way it sounds.

may my heart slow
to quiet
so that I might hear
His whisper
peace, be still
seeking still with Sandy



Beloved said...

Amen. So very grateful I found you at Still Saturday. I'll come again.
Peace and good to you, in Jesus' name.

Mia De Vries said...

I read in a book once that is good that God is still a mystery to us in many ways and Ge doesn't reveal everything to us here on earth, for who would like to worship a God who is boringly predictable. It was written with much respect and I tend to agree. That sweet mystery of Love!
Blessings XX

caryjo said...

I am definitely a River person. But, even though Missouri River is only a few miles away, it ain't the same here as when resting next to the Columbia River in WA, or smaller ones in our general areas. I want to hear the sound of them flowing over rocks, etc. In Uganda, the Nile is perfect, but ain't there now or any more. Oh, well. And I hope you were filled with blessings in Texas. Anticipate it is filled joy in your heart. Blessings.

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