02 November 2013

know and be known

There have been many words this week
blogged confessions
about the two sided coin
of pride and shame
wanting to be seen
wanting to be known
social networks filled
with virtual head nodding
sighs, tears, hearts
on sleeves

I surprised myself
with an unusual choice
to remain silent
exposing fragile emotions
not to the world
not to myself
but to the One
Who formed me

His reply was swift
and brief

be still
know and be known
let My glory be revealed

finding the still place with Sandy



Mia De Vries said...

I believe both shame and pride are symptoms of the same disease; man without God. Only when we are reconciled with our Pappa can we begin to heal from this disease, but it takes quite a while to transform our thought processes!
Blessings XX

Ceil said...

Wow, HFF...our themes for this Still Saturday were very much alike. To be still is the way to hear. Sometimes what others say on their blogs calls for public response from the reader, sometimes personal reflection.

It's good to know which one to choose. How blessed are you that you knew which choice was good for you.

Nice to see you again :) I have been out of town visiting my son and his family.

jviola79 said...

May our deepest desire be to be known by Him. Beautiful post.

Maureen said...

A relief, isn't it, to know we don't have to speak, don't have to participate to earn anything. We can simply be. With Him. Love your poetry. Thanks!

bluecottonmemory said...

It is so hard for me to be still - my toes, my fingers, my mind - and my mouth. I love that He encourages me to be still with Him - and all of me stills - but when we are still with Him - much happens - doesn't it - on the inside growing. Meaty thoughts for a hungry soul - thank you for sharing them!

caryjo said...

As usual, you are a heart toucher, filling us always with more of the Lord. Thank you so much. Always look forward to looking at your posts.

Bless you much!

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