16 November 2013

packing light

My life is the story of a man 
who always wants to carry too much. 
My spiritual quest is the painful process 
of learning to let go of things not essential. 
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as I prepare for a time of retreat
I desire to pack light
to carry less
so my hands are free to grab
whatever He offers

 I want to live
with open hands
and an open heart
 letting go
to lean in to Him
waiting in the quiet with Sandy


Maureen said...

Blessings to you on your retreat time. Packing light is a challenge- good to have a perspective of packing light spiritually,too.

caryjo said...

Oh, and wherever the retreat is, and whenever, I'd sure love to be there with you. Loved your photo, BTW. You always share beautifully. And always think we could have a blast re: Uganda. [Still gotta finish my Uganda book.]

Anonymous said...

Reading this on a day that i am beginning another attempt to clean out my closet. The letting-go of some stuff is like removing a molar.

Yep, it's the stuff that is like the other baggage that we carry around. Things that don't mean anything to anyone else but me. Like anger or happiness, which can appear with some kind of reminder.

Anyway, back to the closet. Perhaps i will pretend that i'm dead and that i'm someone else having to clean it all out.

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