26 November 2013


time crushes, demands 
more than it gives
harsh wind pulling
away from my source
too much not enough
left me hard, brittle

the call was thin, almost 
too quiet to hear
come away

leaving snow
and static behind
to breathe, washed 
by steady rain
heart pores open
made supple once more

finding my place elbow to elbow with the other poets today



Mary said...

Beautiful language, nice message here.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...really nice...this season is so full of stuff...expectations that we have which can be overwhelming...i like it when the heart breaks anew....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. x

Alex Dissing said...

Beautiful description of the flux of life - seasons, feelings, thoughts. Everything begins again, & that's a comforting thought.

Nara Malone said...

Lovely escape in words.

Katie said...

Very pretty. I like this a lot. :-)

Linda said...

Time can't help it. It just is, and then it was, leaving us to heal from it. Love the crushing at the beginning, then the refreshing turn to healing. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sometimes I drift from my source and need to listen to the quiet call to "come away"...lovely thoughts and photograph, Firefly!

ayala said...

Beautiful poem !

billgncs said...

a good poem to tell us we all have the same amount of time... It's always how we spend it isn't it.

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