15 June 2012

I simply follow

Winding hills and flat stretches
without a curve or bump to help mark the time
this path He sets before me
rarely can I see past the next step
this too is by His design
for would I go if I knew what waits for me?
would Paul have risen from that Damascus road
had he understood the trials that would come
walking in obedience to the one he came to know as Lord?

Each day is filled with the expectation of surprise
and yes, sometimes my heart grows weary, worried
when I forget to trust the path’s Creator.

My hand is always within your reach - He whispers
you do not ever need walk alone
and even when you do not feel it
I Am leading you

How then could I ever dream of choosing another road?

Joining Lisa-Jo writing in 5 minutes about path



Anonymous said...

Love it! I am on a particular journey this summer to follow the path the Lord has set for me, and it is not as easy as it sounds! Thank you for reminding me that it may nto be the path I would have chosen for myself, but it is the best path for me in the end.

Jerralea said...

"Would I go if I knew what waits for me?" Probably not, but think what you'd miss! I love the imagery of our life being a journey. God bless you as you navigate your path.

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