23 June 2012


This morning, the Lord reminded me of the words He spoke to me yesterday, before I knew of the storms that would be crossing our path later in the day:

Learn to live in the uncertainty. 
Trust Me and Me only.

So today, I set my concerns about vehicle breakdowns and other financial obstacles into His hands and lean into the stillness that only He can provide.
Joining Sandy and the others seeking stillness today...



caryjo said...

It is so true.. and so obvious in our present world, our present days... we can trust Him and Him only. Good reminder.

Jennifer Richardson said...

learn to live in uncertainty
...isn't that where
letting go and trusting ourselves
and everyone
and everything we love
into His generous strength.
oh for grace to go palms up:)
thanks for this wonderful stir,

S. Etole said...

words fitly spoken and needful to remember ...

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