01 June 2012

Unfold in faith

The tender flowers of Jacob's ladders pop out their heads
trusting no more snow will scatter cold upon them

leaves expose their stripes of greens
as hostas unfold
hoping the time for frost has passed

and I too, in like manner
extend tendrils of faith
in obedience to His call for transparency

so while it is not easy or comfortable
to come before you naked
it is what He asks today

I can use both your abilities and lack of ability, your strengths and weaknesses

This is why I ask you to be "real", to not pretend when life is hard
to share your doubts, to share your fears, to share your faith even when it wavers

It is that same honesty and willingness to strip down exposing vulnerability that
encourages others

Don't be afraid of falling for it is I Who catches you

The flowers now are trusting in the warmth of Spring
while I must trust in the One Who holds Spring in His hand


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