29 June 2012

Missing here....

Oh how I miss this white space here
the freedom to release whatever tumbles in my brain
or rests heavy in my heart

Tornado winds knocked out our power Tuesday night and restoration has not yet come
I plug in cell phone and laptop to recharge when I am able to go to town and find a place to plug in.
Today I find peace and hi-speed wireless in the coffee room of a friend's business and a bathroom with a flushing toilet!

Those of you familiar with country living will surely understand that no electricity also means no water as the pumps shut off.

One end of a downed power line started a fire in the back field Wednesday afternoon.  Good and watchful neighbors noticed the smoke and called Rick home from work.  Volunteer fire department contained things quickly.  Power to that line was shut off and we were placed on the emergency list for service work.

Yesterday afternoon, for reasons unknown, the power to that line was switched on again, and once more the field caught fire.  Same neighbor phoned, same fire workers returned, and this time two old graineries burned along with more hay, almost to a tree line.  Scary, scary stuff, but nothing of value hurt except my nerves.

I am reminded again and yet again that surely God is in control for we certainly are not.

Manitoba Hydro is busy working removing trees so they can replace power lines.  Perhaps as they said, service will be restored tonight, not quite trusting that yet.

Pictures will follow when I'm able.  Maybe after a nice hot shower......

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